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Email: ‫omerbab@gmail.com‬‏
Email: ‫omerbab@gmail.com‬‏
*Nilly Cohen
*Nilly Cohen

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Contact List – DAAD Visit to Germany – September 2011

  • Omar Abed Rabbo

Email: ‫oabedrabbo@yahoo.com‬‏

  • Or Amir

Email: ‫or_amir@hotmail.com‬‏

  • Omer Bab

Email: ‫omerbab@gmail.com‬‏

  • Nilly Cohen

Email: ‫nillyco@most.gov.il

  • Dr. Katia Cytryn-Silverman

Email: cytryn@mscc.huji.ac.il

  • Taufik Dea'dle

Email: ‫taufikd@gmail.com‬‏

  • Dr. Markus Dotterweich:

‫Email: mail@markus-dotterweich.de

  • Dr. Carola Fey

Email: Carola.R.Fey@

  • Yael Gidinian

Email: ‫ibexgg@gmail.com

  • Rachel Goldberg

Email: ‫rachel.goldberg@mail.huji.ac.il‬‏

  • Marc Haeuser

Email: Marc-Haeuser@t-online.de

  • Nike Klostermann

Email: nmk84@gmx.de

  • Patrick Kremer

Email: pakremer@students.uni-mainz.de

  • Dr. Hans-Peter Kuhnen

Email: kuhnen@uni-mainz.de

  • Prof. Dr. Rachel Milstein

Email: ‫rmilstein@mscc.huji.ac.il‬‏

  • Dr. Bilha Moor

Email: ‫bilhamoor@gmail.com‬‏

  • Christian

Email: christianmaus@gmx.de

  • Guy Rak

Email: ‫guy.rak@gmail.com

  • Werner Schoffel

Email: wernerschoeffel@web.de

Werner Website

  • Johanna Sonnenschein

Email: sonnenjo@students.uni-mainz.de

  • Jenia Yudkevich

Email: ‫jeniayudkevich@gmail.com‬‏