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The business of divorce is increasing based on a simple economic principle of supply and demand. The number of clients are on the rise and the services associated with divorce have expanded to meet the growing demand. How big is the divorce industry? Some economists estimate that the divorce industry could rival the $2 billion dollar wedding industry in North America. For every two people getting married there is one person getting divorced, but this 2:1 ratio only tells part of the story. There are a growing number of services and businesses that cater to the divorce industry including lawyers, mediators, accountants, counselors, and online dating services that try to seduce the vulnerable new recruits. The enormity and popularity of the divorce industry can be witnessed first hand at the Divorce Expos that are springing up in cities across North America. The high cost of divorce can be attributed to the division of assets, financial settlements, and legal expenses, but are we taking into account the true cost of divorce?

Our society pays the high cost of divorce

Failing relationships are fuelling the growth in the divorce industry and while some businesses might be getting rich, our society is paying the high cost. It is easy to account for the direct cost of divorce, but it is difficult to track the indirect cost. The emotional stress associated with divorce can negatively affect the productivity and efficiency in the workplace. However, it is in the home, where the painful personal costs accrue. The victims of divorce suffer financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When the parents split up, the family unit breaks down and the innocent children get lost in the darkness of divorce. Frowns replace smiles, silence quiets laughter, sadness smothers happiness, anger bursts out of tranquility, and sometimes faith is forgotten. The fall out from divorce spills out of the home and into the community. It can leave a dirty trail of bullying, abuse, violence, addictions, crime, and a new generation of failed relationships. Divorce is eroding the sanctity of marriage and it is scaring young couples away from making a commitment to a long-term relationship. The ripple effect of divorce is taking a costly toll on our society and we cannot afford to allow this destructive wave to continue. It is time to stem the flow and place a higher priority on adding value to our relationships.